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Rationing system was introduced in India, first in Bombay (now Mumbai in 1939), which was subsequently extended to Bengal, UP, Bihar and Madras (now Tamil Nadu).

Food stocks are maintained by the Central Government to meet the prescribed Minimum Buffer stock for food security. There is therefore need for creation and upkeep of storage agencies throughout the country. There are three agencies in the public sector which are engaged in building large-scale storage/warehousing capacity namely, Food Corporation of India, Central Warehousing Corporation and various State Warehousing Corporations.

The warehousing scheme envisages providing storage facilities for food grains and other agricultural commodities, seeds, manures and fertilizers to minimize losses and deterioration in storage. The scheme also aims to enable farmers to have easy and cheap credit facilities from Banks against pledging of the Warehouse Receipt to improve the holding capacity of the producer to avoid distress sales during harvesting seasons.

The Tamil Nadu State Warehousing Corporation was established in February 1958 under Sub Section 1, Section 18 of the Warehousing Corporation Act, 1958 (Central Amendment Act of 1962) enacted by the Parliament. Tamilnadu Warehousing Corporation has a storage capacity of 6.37 lakh Metric Tons in 60 various centers throughout the State. Central Warehousing Corporation has 6.04 lakhs Metric Tons.

Tamil Nadu State Warehousing Corporation has Fifty Years Standing in Warehousing Business with a High Average Capacity utilization of 90%. This Corporation stands as a shining example of a Highly Efficient and Profitable Public Sector Undertaking in view of the fact that the Corporation had been witnessing a significant upward trend in business during this last several years.

To conclude, 'A Grain Saved is a Grain Produced' is the Tharaka Mantra of our Corporation and Tamil Nadu Warehousing Corporation is 'THE PLACE FOR SAFE STORAGE' and "One Stop Solution for All Your Storage Needs".